Enjoy all the advantages found in managed solutions that will benefit your e-commerce store or online business.

Not all businesses are built the same, just like not all businesses have the time, infrastructure, or patience to be dealing with an IT department whose sole purpose is server maintenance. An online business’ heart and soul is a successful e-commerce strategy, and worrying about server hosting can seriously distract from your main goals. Because of this, many online businesses have opted to hire a web host, or hosting provider, that can offer managed solutions to your e-commerce store; especially in the form of fully managed hosting.   

What is Fully Managed Hosting?

Fully managed hosting, like its name might imply, is an arrangement that occurs when a business (online or otherwise) hires the services of a provider (like us). The provider leases everything to satisfy your hosting needs. From hardware to the physical space, from software to maintenance… and everything in between. To put it in different terms, the provider will setup a private server(s) for your company to use. The provider will ensure that your webpage (or data, depending on what you wish to host) stays up and running all day, every day. To do so, the provider (depending on the service agreement) will provide IT managers, software updates, malware management (virus protection), cooling systems, monitoring of your server, and solutions to any possible eventuality. Basically, you’re outsourcing your IT department to a provider. Which is why we recommend that you choose the services of a professional and dedicated host like Webline-Services.

Why is Fully Managed Hosting Right for You?

The benefits of fully managed hosting depend on several factors… What kind of e-commerce are you conducting? What are your objectives? What is the nature of your project? All of these must be taken into careful consideration, but there is one aspect that can never be discarded… time.

No matter what kind of e-commerce you’re dealing with, managed hosting will always free up your time, so you can focus on the reason you started your business in the first place. It increases your efficiency, and also the effectiveness of your resource allocation. Server management can be a real pain, so why not outsource it to someone who has the right infrastructure and experience? Unmanaged hosting will ultimately mean that every aspect of server maintenance falls on the business’s wallet. It can be very exhausting if the managers have no IT experience with server management.  

Allocating resources and data management is key to any successful online strategy. Instead of spending capital on an entire new department, hire the services of an already existing entity that can save you both time and money. At Webline-Services, we make the perfect companion for any business venture. Try our services today and enjoy all the benefits that we offer!