Virtual Dedicated Hosting is an efficient method of web hosting that neither affects your resources or your wallet, nevertheless it brings tremendous value to your business.

What is Virtual Dedicated Hosting? Let’s start from the top and work our way down to what VPS services are. The process starts from your server (a powerful computer). Normally, as far as businesses go, you’d most likely be renting your server from collocation providers. Inside your server you’ll be hosting your web content. It can be anything from images, videos, prices, client info… you name it.

Whenever a customer visits your website and requests any information, it is your server that answers these requests. It sends the information through the internet and, Voila! After a few seconds you can see it on your screen. 

Servers are really important for all sorts of ecommerce activities, as they supply your customers with information. There are many businesses, however, that don’t require the full resources of a server; they just don’t have the client traffic that demands a full server. This is where Virtual Dedicated Hosting plays the key role of saving money for small to moderate businesses. Virtual Dedicated Hosting relies on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to “divide” the resources of a full server among several users. You might be thinking that it’s not a good idea to have a shared hosting experience; You’d be surprised at how different VPS services are from Shared Hosting.

To start with, VPS hosting creates a private (dedicated) hosting environment inside a server. It allocates resources (like disk space, bandwidth, CPU cores) exclusively for your using. This means that while you are sharing a server, you are not sharing the resources that you’re paying for. This is what separates Virtual Dedicated Hosting from Shared Hosting; the latter actually shares resources between clients.  

Secondly, Virtual Dedicated Hosting (through the use of VPS services) creates a virtual private area where you may install your own operating system. This guarantees that you are in full control of your resources, and that no one else is able to access your content. Many clients may use VPS services inside one server, but they can’t access each other’s content. This is of course, a fantastic security measure for your business. 

Because Virtual Dedicated Hosting requires less space inside a server, it is a more cost-effective option for businesses with a small or moderate client traffic. This takes us over to another benefit of VPS services, scalability. You may start by hiring Virtual Dedicated Hosting services as an adequate solution to your traffic, but are you stuck with them as your business grows and develops? Not at all. You can upgrade from your Virtual Dedicated Hosting services any time you wish to. As you’re saving money, you may also start planning your next operations upgrade. 

One thing that we wish for you to keep in mind is that there are many types of Virtual Dedicated Hosting services; each with their own unique advantages. There are KVM VPS services, XEN, and even Forex services. Each one geared to a unique business niche, or towards specific server resources. We recommend that you explain your needs to your VPS provider, and together, make a decision towards what is best for your business.

Remember to choose a VPS provider that is qualified to satisfy your needs. They must offer several options; you should never settle for the first choice that is presented to you. Your provider must be reliable and with experience on the field. Most importantly, they must prioritize your well-being and the growth of your business.