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BareMetal Servers
BareMetal servers offer dedicated hardware resources, providing unparalleled performance and reliability for businesses. Unlike virtualized environments, they run on physical servers, ensuring maximum processing power and eliminating the risks of resource sharing. With full customization and root access, users have control over the server environment, enabling seamless installation of software and applications. This level of control enhances security, making BareMetal servers a preferred choice for businesses handling sensitive data.

Managed BareMetal Servers Plans

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Dedicated Power, up to Any Task

Experience access to dedicated hardware power with BareMetal server hosting. By harnessing the full potential of physical hardware, your tasks will execute faster and more reliably – without any sharing of resources by other users. With this, we’ve added full administrator access and complete customization to fit your project needs precisely. Additionally, whether you need to scale upwards or downwards, we’ve got you covered with easy scalability included.

Easy Setup & Deployment

Once ordered, we guarantee your BareMetal server will be configured within 24 hours of payment processing. Alongside this, we’ve added access to many custom pieces of software, which include your selection of control panel or operating system. Once installed, full access and included unmetered bandwidth allows you to deploy quickly and without a hitch.


Hands-on Support 24/7

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we backup our uptime guarantee with round-the-clock 27/7 technical support when you need it. Our support team is available to assist you with any technical or account-related issues. Rest assured, when you need help, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

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Consistent Performance & Reliability

Discover the ultimate hosting experience with our BareMetal servers, offering unparalleled high performance and unwavering reliability. Benefit from dedicated hardware resources for seamless processing and lightning-fast speeds, perfectly suited for resource-intensive tasks and demanding applications. With local redundancies and onsite redundant systems, your server remains resilient during disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted operations, while our facility-level cooling systems sustain peak performance effortlessly. Elevate your business with our performance-driven and rock-solid hosting solution.

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