WordPress is an unsung hero of website development. It is responsible for creating nearly half of the internet’s websites. Here are a few tips to start using it.

We would like to make it clear, by “hack”, we refer to awesome tricks that you can use to make your content creation much simpler and creative. Website development has become easier thanks to WordPress Hosting, and here are a few tips to maximize your user experience.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is content management system. It’s a tool for building any type of website imaginable. It can help you build websites, blogs, forums, portfolios… you name it, it can build it. Like we mentioned before, it is responsible for the creation of almost half of the websites on the internet. It’s so popular, that even governmental organizations use it. 

Our first hack, believe it or not, is to remind you how important it is to choose the right web hosting provider. You need to choose a provider that is reliable and with experience on the field. What is a hosting provider you ask? WordPress is, like any IT Solutions tool, a “computer program” and it needs to be “hosted” inside a computer (server). A hosting provider will offer you both a server and access to WordPress, effectively saving you from dealing with any large upfront costs. A provider should also offer you Managed WordPress services. These services are very accommodating, as the provider promises to take care of maintenance and management of both the server and WordPress for you. 

Choosing the right WordPress Provider is crucial, as he has the potential to accommodate to your needs, improve your internet visibility, and increase visitors and/or sales to your website.

WordPress SEO  

Moving on to some characteristics of WordPress, and speaking of internet visibility, it dramatically increases your presence at the top or search engine results. WordPress comes with built-in support for a number of SEO plugins. A plugin is an extension that adds functions to WordPress (by the way, WordPress has billions of them… yes billions). By activating this plugin, the quality of your online content will improve and you will be easier to find in the sea of the internet. More visitors mean more revenue. 

Post Duplication

It’s worth mentioning WordPress’ ability to duplicate posts inside your website. You will need to install a plugin to get this feature. You probably have a specific format in which you like to organize your site. This WordPress Solution allows you to duplicate a previous post and edit it as you wish. You save time and keep your website organized. Two birds, one stone.

WordPress Editor

WordPress Editor is a user-friendly interphase that allows anyone to create website contents. Even if you have cero programming skills! WordPress Editor can also be upgraded with thousands of plugins to edit text, format and even add images to your website. Because image value is so important to the visual appeal of a website, this last feature is a must in order to improve website traffic. 

Analytics and WordPress

When using WordPress, you have to install an analytics reading plugin. It provides invaluable information that helps you understand your website behavior and performance. It also helps you visualize what kind of visitors enter your website. Honestly, this is a must have in your tool belt. 

Add Thumbnails to Your Publications

A very nifty WordPress function is the addition of thumbnails to your publications. If you use social media to market your website, this is a must have feature. 

When you publish on social media, the thumbnail they choose to show for the link is not always the most flattering one. WordPress can fix this by preselecting an image to display. This way, you make sure that your website is always on the glamorous side.


This is not a WordPress feature (or maybe it is), but something that you must do. Research all you can about WordPress plugins. There are so many things that you can do with them: create comment sections, edit and adapt images, create floating menus, add editors, improve security… the possibilities are endless.