WordPress has quickly become the method of choice for website building. Learn how to use it to create your business website.

WordPress has rapidly become the tool of choice when it comes to building website. Then, if you are ready to take your business online, here are a few pointers to learn how to use this tool to create a successful company website.

What is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system. It’s a tool that can create any type of website imaginable. From ecommerce websites, to forums, to blogs… literary, anything you can imagine. Because of its flexibility, WordPress has become the most used website building IT Solution on the web, and a must-use tool for anyone that wishes to venture into any type of ecommerce. WordPress is so popular that an estimated 50% of the internet websites are built with it.

Considering its functionality and flexibility, and thinking of those who wish to venture into WordPress editing (but may not have the time), many data centers have started offering WordPress Hosting. These WordPress Services have become very popular for the sheer efficiency they hold at drawing customers into well designed websites. Some data centers offer Managed WordPress hosting, which means they’ll handle all WordPress functions for you. This makes web hosting with data centers even more appealing, as you’re essentially hiring experts to do your job for you… at accommodating prices.

Now that you know what WordPress is, let’s talk about how to get started.

  1. Find a WordPress Provider

Find the best data center for your cause (we’ll talk about that later). While WordPress can create the website of your dreams, it (unfortunately) is not a website hosting provider. This is where your data center comes in. They will provide you with all the services to host your website.

  1. Create a Domain Name

One of the services your WordPress provider will supply you with is the ability of creating a web address (domain name). Think of this as you little piece of the internet, your identity, the brand of your website. All websites need a domain name to function. If your provider can offer both web hosting and domain name registration in one plan, even better. 

  1. Decide What Type of Website You Wish to Build

You will quickly learn that WordPress has billions (yes, billions) of options, ready for the taking. Every WordPress Solution comes in the form of templates or plugins; which means you can quickly launch your website. If you’re not hiring Managed WordPress Services (which we recommend that you do), then the best option is to create a general company website. Let your customers know who you are, what you do, and how you can change their lives for the better. 

We highly recommend that you research before diving into WordPress. Decide on the template and theme that best works for you. If you choose to use Managed WordPress Services, your provider will help you keep your website up and running, while you focus on content creation. 

  1. Website Maintenance

One of the main perks of using WordPress is its ability to quickly update and add new content to your website. New templates, themes, and plugins surface every day. If you ever wish to use any of them, WordPress will make the transition for you… quickly and efficiently. 

As a final note, we wish to make emphasis on choosing your WordPress provider wisely. There are many providers out there, but you will want to pick one with experience and expertise on the area. Not only that, you might want to spend some time discussing with your provider what you envision for your website. Always choose a provider that is interested in helping you achieve your goals.