Learn about the main challenges of IT management and the ways to overcome them.

IT (Information Technology) is the practice and study of storing, retrieving, and sharing information with its intended users. When we picture the idea of a business, or department, related to IT, the first images that might conjure in our minds are computers, programming, and large screens filled with data that probably doesn’t make any sense. Some might not even concede the fact that an IT service provider, hosting provider, or anything related with IT development, also has a management component. Management is the strategic planning and execution of an idea through several calculated goals. It may refer to large corporations, or even small garage projects. Much like any other human activity, it is prone to make mistakes. Here we have a list of the most crucial, yet common, blunders that can happen in an IT environment. Consider them IT challenges that must be avoided.

  1. Neglecting management while concentrating on the IT

Basic mistake, and one directly related to the topic of discussion. So, how does this happen, and why should it not happen? More often than not, an IT expert focuses on the expertise that manages solutions at a technological level, while ignoring other aspects of their project. It shouldn’t happen (even if it does) because the purpose of starting any project is making profit, selling your service or product, and reaching the target customers. Any IT related activity that forgets its goals is destined to crash at one point or another. Never neglect the planning of a project; it is just as important as the project itself. 

  1. Not projecting enough leadership 

Somewhat of an odd mistake considering it has little to do with IT. Case in point, IT departments and businesses need to invest in infrastructure. If it’s not coming from the IT manager’s pockets, chances are, they’re building a case in hopes that some executive grants them their request. It happens that in order to persuade anyone of granting you large sums of money, you must present a convincing argument, clad yourself in commitment to back up your claim, and take responsibility for whatever may befall… be a leader.

  1. Not preparing for the future

In an ever-evolving environment changes are bound to happen. It seems to be that when it comes to technology, these changes occur in the blink of an eye. IT managers must prepare for cloud services that are in constant development and ready to satisfy the demands of not so tech-savvy customers. Preparation and vision are key. IT managers, at the risk of sounding redundant, must manage solutions in innovative ways.

  1. Not testing (or having) a Plan B 

Software or hardware malfunctions are unavoidable, sometimes not even predictable. Having a backup is critical for any IT related activity. Testing these backups should also be a planned habit. The time spent in doing so is akin to an investment, rather than a practice. 

  1. Not enough communication

A plan normally starts with the top managers. They might have ideas, but it is the IT department that can guarantee the execution of those ideas. If an idea is bound for failure, and the IT manager is aware of it, then he or she must (and this can’t be stressed enough) communicate it with the pertinent individuals. Being the messenger of bad news is never fun, but it’s much better than working with an irrecoverable project. Effective and assertive communication must follow through all departments of a business or project. 

There you have it, these are some (yet, not all) of the biggest IT management mistakes and how to handle them. If you’re busy with your business operations and on top you’re overwhelmed by your IT department, which is too much to handle, worry no more, Webline-Services offers a wide variety of managed solutions, that allows you to focus on other business related needs, while we take care of your IT infrastructure.