Employees are adapting not just to a whole new working condition, but also to full time parenting, at the same time.

No one could have ever imagined the catastrophic proportion that COVID-19 would have; with millions of deaths worldwide and counting, it has put the world upside down. Dramatic changes were implemented all of the sudden including the way we learn, do business and work.

Although we might have expected that remote working companies would have an advantage, to everyone’s surprise these companies are also having second thoughts about how they operate and the impact this crisis will have on their workforce. To make matters worst, a lot of office-based employees are now dealing with a whole new working condition while handling parenting tasks like homeschooling children at the same time. Getting your work done in these cases is much more difficult than having a whole day without interruptions.

These employees are truly marvelous, not just because they are making an effort to adapt to this situation, but also because they are juggling with household shores while remaining productive in their jobs. Being overwhelmed when all of these factors are around on your everyday is very common, but here at Webline-Services, you can find a few strategies that will save the day:

  • Set up a workstation in an area as private as possible. It will help you separate your family time from your work time; resulting in a better  management of your day.
  • Think about the perfect time to get on with deep work, and minimize the possibility for any interruptions outside of your family commitments.
  • Talk to your family about your work situation. Plan your breaks according your family needs. Setting up times for meals, snacks, and activities well in advance can improve your time scheduling for work.
  • Explain your employer your situation. Working from home offer many flexibilities, by having a honest talk with your boss, you can work up a schedule where you can do first those tasks that require collaboration and then complete the rest when suits you best, even if it means outside of working hours.

Currently, we are all facing extraordinary circumstances, but by making the most out of the flexibility that this working model has to offer, it is completely possible to be a parent while working from home.

Still the nightmare is far from being over, with a second outbreak just around the corner, companies will continue with virtual operations a little longer. Some are struggling with triple trouble, being a parent, a remote worker and a business owner at the same time. For your business needs, Webline-Services has everything you require; with high-end technology, along with a team of experts that will build a package that will fully meet your necessities.