The motivation to go green has not only increasingly become part of many company’s corporate social responsibility but also as an aspect of remaining relevant in the future business environment. Besides, there are more and more environmental concerns that can only be addressed through green initiatives in terms of production, servicing and manufacturing. A social issue that every data center company should stride for is green computing. This issue affects us all as citizens of the world, so being environmentally friendly is becoming more and more of a necessity in the ever-changing world and the IT industry is no exception. Computing companies and IT service providers are all emphasizing ways they can make their products and services they provide more environmentally friendly. This includes removing environmentally harmful materials from the manufacturing process of their products, recycling used products and their materials properly, efficient energy utilization in the servers, CPUs and other peripheral devices as well as reduced paper consumption in everyday business processes. Those are gigantic steps towards taking care of our planet, being more aware about our process and procedures as a company.