With volumes of data growing 33 times faster than the IT professionals employed to manage it, administrators don’t have time to waste on complex and clunky backup solutions. Webline Services all-in-one backup appliances simplify data backup and server backup from local to cloud. Stay ahead of the threats with a smarter approach to backup. Webline Services include firewall management with rule-set review, Intrusion Prevention Services, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection services, internal and external vulnerability assessment, secure configuration assessment, transparent database encryption, and much more.  Plus, Webline Services backup solutions are purpose-built and pre-tuned with powerful backup software, which means there’s no finger pointing and “one throat to choke” when you need help.

If your business hasn’t been hit with ransomware, an attack is coming. Ransomware is a $60 billion criminal enterprise. Hackers know that organizations can’t afford to lose data. New strains operate in stealth mode and delay the ransom request in order to avoid detection. The only way to get your data back without having to pay the ransom is to detect infection early and have the right backup system in place. But some backup systems are themselves vulnerable to ransomware infection, setting the stage for an IT admin’s worst nightmare.

Only Webline Services ransomware protection protects your data from all angles of ransomware. First, our backup appliances use machine learning and predictive analytics to detect a ransomware infection in your environment. As ransomware threats have evolved, so has Webline Services artificial intelligence (AI), meaning your backup appliance now uncovers more sophisticated strains of malware even sooner. This lets you restore back to safety quickly and stop the ransomware before it spreads. Webline Services backup software makes ransomware recovery intuitive and easy, so your business can quickly get back to normal—all without paying a cent of ransom.