Top notch network performance is vital for a server. Businesses rely on their server’s capabilities and they want their servers to have the best speeds for smooth interactions between clients. Webline Services display one of the highest performing network speeds for its clients. Servers perform at great speeds and provide the lowest latency. Here are some important performance measures that every server should measure for the best optimization.

  • Bandwidth – commonly measured in bits/second is the maximum rate that information can be transferred
  • Throughput – the actual rate that information is transferred
  • Latency – the delay between the sender and the receiver decoding it, this is mainly a function of the signals travel time, and processing time at any nodes the information traverses
  • Jitter – variation in packet delay at the receiver of information.
  • Error Rate – the number of corrupted bits expressed as a percentage or fraction of the total sent.

Webline Services track all of these performance measures and ensures that their servers are performing at their best. Un-metered bandwidth, low latency, and low error rates create for the smoothest working servers. Website owners are guaranteed to have the highest network speeds on the internet and can rely on little to no downtime.