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E-commerce or Electronic commerce is by definition the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. While most people think of E-commerce as business to consumer (B2C), there are many other types of E-commerce. It also includes Business to business, Consumer to consumer and Consumer to business. Recently, the growth of E-commerce has expanded to sales using mobile devices, which is commonly known as ‘m-commerce’ and is simply a subset of E-commerce. E-commerce has grown tremendously during the last decade as the internet has become a part of our day to day life and businesses all over the world are taking advantage of this. Before online transactions were not well accepted by many, but today, thanks to SSL certificates, encryption and other payment systems people´s confidence in E-commerce has improved.

What is exactly E-Commerce hosting? Well, this platform is used to run an electronic commerce website that unlike a standard web hosting service it requires features and functionalities that include SSL certificates, database support, shopping cart software, payment processing and more. E-commerce hosting is carefully designed to provide entrepreneurs with all the tools required to manage an electronic commerce business. At Webline-Services we offered the most outstanding E-commerce solutions with instant activation and 24/7 support; choose from our feature rich cPanel E-commerce hosting, Windows Plesk E-commerce and Linux Plesk E-commerce hosting packages at great prices. All you need to run a safe and secure E-commerce website available only at Webline services.