Emails are a powerful tool, not just to have an effective communication within an organization. Building a strong and effective email program can lead directly to the company’s growth. An email is a unique tool built to reach customers, but the difference between one sent to trash and an open email depends in many factors.

The design of your email plays an important role; the typography, images and icons reinforce your brand quickly. The content is also important, choose your words carefully and make your purpose clear. Keep your emails highly relevant, don´t overload your customers with tons of it. Make sure you follow global email regulations to reach customers not just locally but also worldwide. Your emails sometimes are not sent due to technical or human errors like IP architecture or whitelisting; try to avoid common errors so all your emails are delivered, deliverability is the foundation for success. Remember to keep them simple header, subject line, email message content. This tool if use appropriately is a key factor for customer’s engagement and also in your company´s growth.