Step-by-Step Guide on How to Resell Web Hosting Services

Are you looking to generate recurring income every single month? Establishing a reseller web hosting business might be a business venture worth investigating.

Reseller web hosting simply means setting up your own agency to act as a hosting provider that utilizes high-speed bandwidth, server space, and resources to host customers’ websites for a profit. This is done by partnering with a reseller hosting provider like Webline Services. Web hosting businesses benefit from this partnership because they won’t have to own and operate their own servers and can instead focus on building superior web hosting services.

So, how can you get started? Here are four easy steps to follow on how to resell web hosting services.

1. Select a Reseller Web Hosting Partner

The most crucial step is selecting the best reseller web hosting partner. They’ll be able to offer you a reseller hosting plan that’s suitable for your unique requirements.

Webline Services is one such business that helps agencies reach next-level web hosting growth potential with plans like:

  • Windows Plesk Reseller Hosting supports ASP.NET and SharePoint web pages as well as Microsoft SQL and Access Databases.
  • Linux Plesk Reseller Hosting is a professional control panel that provides web designers, website owners, and web admins tools to manage their servers, sites, and applications.
  • cPanel Reseller Hosting allows businesses to start with a budget-friendly plan and scale as their unique requirements grow.
  • Domain Reseller Hosting allows businesses to utilize a sub-account that gives them control to register domain names for their clients.

2. Determine Hosting Services & Prices

Determining your hosting services is critical to your success. First, figure out what your clients are looking for. Do they need you to host their website or offer them SEO services? This will help you optimize your offerings to provide quality service. Also, it’s critical to price your services correctly to make healthy margins and recurring revenue.

3. Create Packages

Clients want to partner with a web hosting agency that offers the best services for budget-friendly prices. It’s essential to create packages that cater to your customers’ unique needs and wants. Look to set up basic, premium, and superior level plans that provide clients with the right services.

4. Have a Support Plan

Now that your web hosting business is up and running, it’s crucial to have a support plan in place. You should provide support assistance 24/7 to ensure customer questions are answered in less than 30 minutes. Also, if your server ever goes down, inform your client, let them voice their concerns, and provide them with valuable solutions that will ease the situation.

Best Reseller Hosting for Your Business

Take the first steps towards building your web hosting business with Webline Services. We provide the best reseller hosting plan on the market that allows you to start earning extra income. Explore our budget-friendly plans online today!