Technology today is becoming part of every business no matter its size or target market. Over the past 20 years businesses have change so drastically that in fact industries today may be unrecognizable. We can find how technology has affected them in the way they communicate, both internally and externally, the way they operate, the way they commerce and more.

Not only are we no longer restricted to just one or two means of communication in our everyday lives but this has also taken hold of our working relationships as well; from email to cloud-based tools, we are more technology dependent than ever. Traditional businesses have evolved, the use of internet has made a huge impact on them where worker no longer need to stay in the same physical space, internet allows user to cover huge distances while staying connected with others around the globe; money transactions, sales, purchase and many others are possible through the marvel of the internet. Modern businesses are also working remotely which is now a common fitting of many executive and management level roles, where managers are keeping an eye on everything sometimes from miles away; today is very common to encounter companies that operate exclusively with remote teams, only made possible by communication tools such as Skype among many others. Technology has in fact changed modern business today, and we are yet to see more of it.