Today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, having a work space in your home has become a necessity especially since the rebound in cases around the world has spiked up significantly.

2020 is almost over and still the pandemic is raging, in fact the rebound in cases in the US, Europe and other nations around the world is quite alarming. Isolation is still proven to be the most effective solution when it comes to stopping the spread; this is the reason why most companies are still implementing the work from home approach.

Having a space to work in your home has indeed become a necessity and so, having all the resources that you will usually enjoy at the office to deliver the work in a timely matter. These resources may include:

Virtual remote access desktops similar to those used in the office, which must have access to all internal applications.
User access management based on roles and authenticated permissions.
Storage and management through devices, laptops, and mobiles, belonging to the company. Controlling the information and personal layer of your users, reducing possible risks and vulnerabilities.
Secure entrance to the internal network of the company. Allowing access from any public network with safe routes, helping to reduce risks and vulnerabilities within the company.
At Webline-Services, our major concern is that your company remains productive. Which is why, we can offer a wide range of solutions that will suit your specific needs, so your employees can work from home just like if they were in the office. Having the right provider that fully fulfills all of your organizationĀ“s requirements is crucial in order to succeed in the new normal; Webline-Services is the perfect companion for your remote workers.

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