Online gaming was fundamental as entertainment during the lockdown; those using dedicated solutions were able to cope with the demand.  

With all the restrictions still in order like social distancing and staying at home, entertainment has been key during and after COVID-19 quarantine. Psychologists have argued that repercussions for such an extended period of isolation for both adults and children will have severe consequences in the future. However, lockdown and social distancing seems to be the only way to successfully stop the spread of the virus that has already killed more than 900,000 people worldwide.

Entertainment has played an important role during and after the lockdown, but online gaming was by far the most used. This amusement has been around for quite some time, but man, did we underestimate its value until now. In the world of online gaming, high performance is everything. Game developers are aware that any lag or downtime will affect the gaming experience.

For those start-up game developers, especially the ones that are willing to sacrifice performance for inferior and cheaper server choices, might still be on time to amend it. Having performance on your side through dedicated servers can be key when it comes to site performance, data throughput, and good customer feedback. The bottom line is that your end user will not be pleased with a poor performance from your products, and will end up switching to better options.

With the rise of COVID-19, the gaming industry had an even higher demand and only those with the right services were able to meet customers’ expectations. If you are a game developer looking for server technology or simply wanting to upgrade then Webline-Services has the perfect solutions for you. Our dedicated server services guarantee security, availability, resilience and high performance. Online gaming has been fundamental as entertainment during these times of crisis; but certainly only those using dedicated solutions are able to successfully cope with the high demand.