Some businesses will perish, but many others will rise from the ashes of the economic crisis generated by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Economically speaking the pandemic has hit hard many industries, especially the small ones.  As the commerce slowly starts to re-open after a long period of quarantine, many entrepreneurs are struggling to keep their businesses open. The economic impact was inevitable since, all enterprises big and small still had to pay employee salaries and rents despite of the suspension of work. In such a situation, business owners are facing huge pressures; the most important one they need to recover losses of a long shutdown. But once the quarantine is over, many industries such as entertainment, retail industries, tourism, just to mention a few, is expected to rebound quickly. On the bright side, the outbreak has provided other opportunities for new types of commerce to emerge. Such openings were observed in areas like:

  • Health-related Industries. Online medical platforms were providing free online consultation services for citizens; this model also known as telemedicine is expected to become more widespread in the years to come.
  • E-commerceSince social distancing was forced upon the population to stop the spread of the virus; in order to meet daily necessities many consumers have formed the habit of online shopping. This has open up opportunities for all types of E-commerce businesses like fresh food market, health care products, food stores, and grocery shops, among many others.
  • Learning PlatformsEducation also suffers the lockdown consequences, since many schools had to close their doors and switch to virtual learning; but this process has also represented a huge opportunity for the online education businesses to become more accepted among the society.
  • E-commuting. Also known as Work-From-Home, this is an arrangement that was widely used during the Coronavirus lockdown and that actually worked for many business areas that never tried it before. This work model has existed for a long time, but after the pandemic, it has gained more trust and has opened up many job opportunities in various areas of countless industries, that if it wasn’t for the pandemic would have never even consider it.

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